Revolut Expands Crypto Offerings in Brazil

Revolut, the digital banking giant that offers crypto investments across Europe, has expanded its operations to Brazil. In an announcement made on Tuesday, the bank stated that it is making its first foray into Latin America to tap into Brazil’s growing demand for crypto assets. Revolut estimates that there are approximately 10 million crypto users in Brazil, making it a significant market for the company to expand its offerings.

The Mission of Revolut

Revolut has a mission to create a borderless economy with accessible and easy-to-use financial products that allow customers to use their money efficiently. The company aims to help customers manage their money and investments seamlessly while providing competitive rates.

Revolut’s Expansion into Brazil

The Brazilian market presents a significant opportunity for Revolut to expand its business in Latin America. The company’s move into Brazil marks its first major expansion into the region, and it plans to offer its global account and crypto investment services in the country.

Revolut’s global account enables customers to hold, exchange, and transfer money in 28 currencies, including the Brazilian real. The crypto investment service, on the other hand, allows customers to buy and sell five of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Competition in Brazil

Revolut faces tough competition from digital bank Nubank, which is the market leader in Brazil with around 70 million customers. Nubank introduced crypto trading in June 2020 and saw one million users sign up within a month. The introduction of crypto trading helped Nubank to differentiate itself from other banks in Brazil and attract new customers.

Revolut aims to carve out a share of the Brazilian market with its competitive offerings. The company has around 29 million customers worldwide and has a track record of successfully expanding its business into new markets.

Why Brazil is a Fertile Ground for Crypto Investments

Brazil is a fertile ground for crypto investments due to several factors. Firstly, the country’s economy is still recovering from a recession, which has led to high inflation rates and currency devaluation. As a result, Brazilians are looking for alternative investment opportunities that can provide higher returns than traditional investments.

Secondly, the country’s banking system is highly centralized, with a few dominant banks controlling the majority of the market share. This lack of competition has led to high fees and interest rates, making it difficult for individuals and small businesses to access credit.

Lastly, Brazil has a young population that is tech-savvy and open to new financial products. This demographic is more likely to adopt digital banking and crypto investments than older generations.

Revolut’s Expansion Plans

Revolut’s expansion into Brazil is part of the company’s broader strategy to expand its business globally. The company plans to launch its services in the United States later this year and is also eyeing the Asian market.

Revolut’s expansion plans are driven by the increasing demand for digital banking and crypto investments globally. The company’s competitive offerings, such as its global account and crypto investment service, make it an attractive option for customers looking for accessible and easy-to-use financial products.


Revolut’s expansion into Brazil is a significant milestone for the company as it marks its first major foray into Latin America. The move is strategic, given Brazil’s growing demand for crypto assets and the lack of competition in the banking sector. Revolut’s global account and crypto investment services make it an attractive option for customers looking for accessible and easy-to-use financial products.


Q1: What is Revolut?

A1: Revolut is a digital bank that offers financial services, including global accounts and crypto investments.

Q2: What is Revolut’s mission?

A2: Revolut’s mission is to create a borderless economy with accessible and easy-to-use financial products that allow customers

Q3: What types of financial products does Revolut offer in Brazil?

A3: Revolut offers a global account and crypto investments in Brazil, with plans to expand its offerings in the future.

Q4: Can anyone sign up for Revolut’s services in Brazil?

A4: Yes, anyone can sign up for Revolut’s services in Brazil, as long as they meet the necessary requirements.

Q5: Is Revolut a safe platform for investing in cryptocurrencies?

A5: Revolut takes security very seriously and uses advanced encryption and security measures to protect its users’ funds. However, as with any investment platform, there is always a risk involved, so users should do their own research and invest responsibly.

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