Cardano’s CIP-1694: A Revolutionary Proposal for On-Chain Governance and Treasury Management

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain network that seeks to create a more transparent and equitable financial system. With its Voltaire era set to launch later this year, Cardano is preparing to enter a new phase of development, where the community will have a greater say in the network’s governance. Cardano Spot, a community-driven social media network for Cardano, recently shared a Twitter thread discussing an exciting new proposal that has the potential to revolutionize the way decisions are made within the Cardano ecosystem.

The Voltaire Era: Full Decentralization on Cardano

The Cardano network currently relies on distributed infrastructure introduced during the Shelley era. However, to achieve true decentralization, the platform requires a capacity for maintenance and improvement in a decentralized manner. Once implemented, the Voltaire era will enable network participants to present Cardano improvement proposals that stakeholders can vote on, leveraging the existing staking and delegation process.

CIP-1694: A Key Component of Cardano’s Governance Framework

On March 24, IOG, the company responsible for Cardano’s research and development, provided an update on Cardano’s Age of Voltaire. The update highlighted CIP-1694, a Cardano Improvement Proposal named after the birth year of the French enlightenment thinker Voltaire, as a key component of Cardano’s next-generation governance.

According to Cardano Spot’s thread, CIP-1694 marks the first step toward implementing on-chain governance and treasury management in the final phase of Cardano’s roadmap.

How CIP-1694 Will Revolutionize Cardano’s Governance

Under the CIP-1694 proposal, the community will be responsible for deciding the direction of protocol development and can potentially change aspects like protocol parameters, ledger rules, or consensus rules. Currently, governance involves Genesis entities working on protocol development and initiating changes, with Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) needing to accept these changes for a proposal to pass.

CIP-1694 introduces two new groups: DReps and the Constitutional Committee. DReps are active representatives to whom $ADA holders can delegate their voting power, ensuring community representation. $ADA holders can delegate to multiple DReps or abstain permanently. DRep voting power will be proportional to the $ADA delegated to them, with 1 Lovelace equating to 1 vote. DReps can vote yes, no, or abstain on proposals, and they can even remove or replace the Constitutional Committee through a vote of no-confidence.

The Constitutional Committee, consisting of members selected through off-chain consensus, will monitor the new power dynamics and facilitate a smooth transition to rule-based mature governance. Committee members will have limited terms and can be removed if necessary.

Funding Future Development: The Treasury System

To fund future development, the Voltaire era will introduce a treasury system, pooling a fraction of all transaction fees to support development activities following the voting process. With both the voting and treasury systems in place, Cardano will no longer be under IOG’s management. Instead, the community will control Cardano’s future with the necessary tools to grow and evolve the platform from a secure, decentralized foundation established by IOG.


Cardano’s proposed on-chain governance and treasury management system marks a significant step towards decentralization and community control of the network’s development. The Voltaire era and CIP-1694 proposal aim to empower stakeholders to influence the platform’s future. With the voting and treasury systems, the community can fund and support development, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem free from IOG’s management. DReps and the Constitutional Committee ensure representation and facilitate a smooth transition to rule-based governance. This sets Cardano apart from other blockchain projects and demonstrates its commitment to decentralization and community-driven development. Exciting developments are expected in the coming months and years.


Q1. What is Cardano’s Voltaire era?

A1. Cardano’s Voltaire era is a phase in the platform’s development that aims to introduce on-chain governance and treasury management systems to enable network participants to have a say in the platform’s future and direction.

Q2. What is CIP-1694?

A2. CIP-1694 is a Cardano Improvement Proposal that aims to enhance democratic decision-making across the ecosystem by introducing on-chain mechanisms for governance and treasury management.

Q3. What are DReps?

A3. DReps are active representatives to whom $ADA holders can delegate their voting power to ensure community representation in governance decisions.

Q4. What is the Constitutional Committee?

A4. The Constitutional Committee is a group of members selected through off-chain consensus, tasked with monitoring the new power dynamics and facilitating a smooth transition to rule-based mature governance.

Q5. What sets Cardano apart from other blockchain projects?

A5. Cardano’s commitment to developing a comprehensive governance framework and achieving true decentralization through community-driven development sets it apart from other blockchain projects.

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